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Seaman & Seaman, A Law Corporation
Addressing Legal Issues For Your California Family’s Past, Present And Future

Business Law Guidance For The Life Of Your Company

Seaman & Seaman, A Law Corporation, in Gold River actively assists, advises and advocates for owners of emerging and established businesses, entrepreneurs and licensed professionals in private practice throughout Sacramento County and El Dorado County in California.

Attorney Wareham Seaman Jr., provides strong guidance and can personally relate to the need for credible legal leadership in practice areas of:

  • Entity selection (S corporations, C corporations, LLCs, sole proprietorship, limited partnership and others)
  • Compliance and maintenance of entity
  • Contract drafting negotiation and review
  • Liability, asset protection and taxation matters
  • Issues encountered during daily operations
  • Management of stock transactions
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Dissolution and liquidation
  • Mediation and negotiation of partnership and shareholder disputes
  • Business succession in an estate administration context

More Than 40 Years Of Experience With Business Formation

Are you seeking to gain a foothold in today’s busy commercial marketplace with your unique idea for a product or service? Are you already well-branded in your market but struggling with employment law issues that may need to be resolved in court? Are you entertaining offers for the purchase of your company? For this and any other spontaneous business legal issue, Mr. Seaman has the answers to your questions and the tactics that advance your goals.

Ensure Your Business Is Properly Protected

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