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Does owning multiple businesses mean multiple LLCs in California?

You started your business in California and formed a limited liability company (LLC) to go along with it. It was a success - so much so that you want to create a spinoff business. And you have an idea for maybe a third business, too.

What must be done to dissolve a California business?

That shop you and your friend opened 20 years ago in Northern California has run its course. It was a good, fun and profitable business for the most part, but people just aren't buying your trinkets the way they once did. It's time to renew the lease, but retirement and that long-awaited trip to Hawaii sound pretty good right now.

Supreme Court sales tax ruling could burden smaller businesses

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that states can require online retailers to collect state sales taxes on goods delivered to their residents and businesses. Previously, states only had the power to force retailers to collect such taxes when the retailer had a physical location in the state. Some experts believe the ruling could have as big an impact as last year's Tax Cuts and Jobs Act because it levels the playing field between online and brick-and-mortar enterprises.

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